Gift Ideas for Someone Who has Everything

*guest post from our friends Flatterbox

Do you have a loved one that seems to have everything? You want to get them a gift that really shows you care, but you have no idea where to start. These are some of our favorite gift ideas from the heart that are perfect for the gift recipient that seems to have everything:

Untitled design-3

  1. Flatterbox: A Flatterbox is a box filled with sentiments from loved ones. This is perfect for a milestone birthday or anniversary, collect all the emails for the recipient’s friends and family members and get started. The Flatterbox system will take care of emailing everyone and collecting their responses, the finished product is sure to be cherished for years to come.
  2. Memory Bear: A bear made from clothes of a loved one that has passed is the perfect sentimental gift, for a new parent clothes from baby’s first year is another great gift idea.
  3. Donation: Make a donation in their name to a charity they support.
  4. Membership: Get them something they might not usually get for themselves, whether that is a magazine subscription, subscription to Netflix or yearly membership to a place they love.
  5. Experience: Gift them an experience rather than a physical gift, if they love to cook gift them a cooking class. If they don’t take enough time for themselves consider a spa day or massage.

What are some of your favorite gifts to give to someone who has everything?


Flatterbox is a box full of kind remarks, compliments or even words of advise for a special person or people in your life.  An amazing gift for any occasion.

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