Multi-Generational Memory Bear

Wanted to share a bear we just shipped with you, the sweetest birthday gift for baby’s first birthday. Such a great idea I wish I had thought of it myself!

multigeneration bear

This bear is made from baby’s favorite pieces of clothing from mom, dad, grandparents and great-grandparents! So fun and such a special family keepsake.

Love from Kyra Phillips


“My twins LOVE their Patchwork Bears! When they were 1, they loved to cuddle with them because of all the colors and special pictures. Now, at the age of 4, they are conversation pieces! Jen created the bears with all the memorable parts of clothing that I saved so each patch of the bear has a story! The kids love to listen and then tell others what their bears represent. For me, it’s history and moments in time that I never want to forget. Our patchwork bears our timeless treasures for all of us!”

Kyra Phillips

CNN Documentary/Investigative

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is quickly approaching and I recently found myself trying to find some fun ways to celebrate this with my kids. Here are some that I came up with.


1. Gather old clothes for a bear or quilt

As the temperatures warm up here on the East Coast it is time to swap out winter clothes for summer clothes! This is also the time of year that we get rid of old clothes, I am excited to get my kids involved with this and tell them if there are some clothes they aren’t ready to part with, like shirts they made or sports t-shirts they can put them aside for a bear or quilt.

2. Plant a mini garden

My kids have been begging me to plant a garden, so this is the perfect opportunity. I am planning on planting some vegetables outside and some herbs in pots.

3. Bake Cookies

My kids love cookies, I bake a batch each week and put 1 in their lunches everyday. These are perfect for next week and I might even make a double batch so the kids can share them with their classes on Tuesday.

4. Make some games out of recycled materials

This ball and catcher set made from an old milk jug and newspaper and this dump truck made from old cartons are sure to be a hit with my boys!

Meet the Team: Head Designer, Madhu Rastogi

We are excited to introduce you to our lead designer, Madhu Rastogi. Meet the woman behind many of the quilt and bear deigns you love!

madhu head shot


What did you do before joining The Patchwork Bear?

I love creating designer items, particularly the ones which demand perfection. Being a creative person, fashion designing appealed me immensely. I started a boutique back in India which I managed successfully for many years. My family moved to USA about 15 years back forcing me to close my fashion designing business. Being a Mom of growing daughters, I decided to stay home for few years.  When I decided to work again, I discovered Patchwork Bear.  I immediately decided to work with them because it is that kind of creative work, I love doing.

What is your favorite part about working for The Patchwork Bear?

Each and every piece is beautiful and gives opportunity to design something new. I love the creative part when I look at the rugs and try to imagine a beautiful pattern emerging out of them. Converting that beautiful design into a perfect flawless piece gives me immense pleasure.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Some of my favorite free time activities involve exploring designing software, internet surfing, shopping, interior decoration, learning new skills on YouTube and other internet sites. I also love seeing new places and I am always ready to travel!

Do you have a favorite quote?

“Live Life Beautifully”

Did you ever work on a bear/project that really stuck with you?

Each and every project is so special; I love all the memory bears, memory quilts & wedding quilts. I absolutely love designing these bears and quilts I had made because they each hold so many memories of their loved ones.

Be sure to check out one of Madhu’s newest designs, Tie Quilt.

tie quilt