Q & A with Wedding Planner Lisa Stoner

Photo Credit: Abby Di-Domenico with Liga Photography

Photo Credit: Abby Di-Domenico with Liga Photography

June is one of the most popular months to get married so this month we are highlighting weddings and our wedding dress quilts and bears. Recently we sat down with one of our favorite wedding planners, Lisa Stoner of E-Events by Lisa Stoner and asked her to dish some advice for brides. Lisa, a native New Yorker, is a sought after event stylist who has been featured in BRIDES, The Knot and more.

1. What is the #1 piece of advice you give all brides?
To plan and design with a strong sense of self and family.  The most memorable weddings are the authentic weddings. If it reflects the couple and the families’ style and sensibilities, it all makes great sense in the end.  If it all properly tells your story, then you’ve made it perfect.
2. What is the first thing brides should tackle during the planning process?
At the risk of sounding cliché, I have to say hiring a wedding planner. Planners can leverage their network of resources to best serve the couple as well as narrow down the search for the perfect venue, photographer, floral designer, etc.  Our knowledge and experience with all variables that go along with the planning and designing process can also garner concessions on our clients’ behalf.
3. What are some of your favorite ways to make a wedding unique?
As much as I love a tastefully designed wedding environment, I always emphasize the power of “gestures” during the wedding weekend. Floral centerpieces and great lighting will make any space look great, but it’s how you make your guests feel at the end of your wedding weekend or evening that makes a lasting impressions.  It’s how you take care of them as a host and hostess at the biggest party of your life that counts!
4. What are some easy ways to personalize a wedding?
Photo Credit: Abby DiDomenico with Liga Photography

Photo Credit: Abby DiDomenico with Liga Photography

Is there a favorite recipe of Grandma’s that you love? Share it with your catering team to have it emulated. If your parents still have their toasting glasses from their wedding, consider using them. What is yours and your fiancé’s favorite indulgent food? Roll that out in the last hour of your reception when the party is really in full force! I’ve had pizza delivery on the dance floor and, as they say, the crowd went wild! *wink
5. Are there any details that brides often overlook?
Brides are busier than ever these days, advancing their careers and nurturing their relationship with their fiancé. I think that once they secure the essentials like the venue, photographer, floral, music, etc. they forget some fun and important details like lighting, wedding stationery [ceremony programs, escort cards, menu cards] a fun getaway, and though not the glamorous part of planning, but what does post-event look like? Who takes the gifts, cards, personal effects such as a cake server set, champagne glasses, any framed photos? Not to worry, we cover this with our clients 30 days before the wedding in our final details meeting!
6. Do you have a favorite current wedding trend?
I try to be very careful and selective with the word “trend” when applying it to a wedding.  Certainly, we all try to be “on trend” in various aspects of our lives such as fashion, home design and even with food. My approach to planning and design is the use of some modern trends to a classic wedding elements. That being said, I adore whimsical drink stirrers, charging stations, and the use of hashtags to “brand” your wedding. Social media is the new branding platform for personal, business and weddings!
7. What are some fun ways you can use your wedding dress after the big day?
wedding HARRIS detail
 Well, Patchwork Bear clearly creates these incredible keepsakes that make for the perfect legacy. I have also seen my couples use the dress for a bassinet lining, Christening dress, or fabric for a Chuppah for weddings that follow in the family.  I have also displayed a mother of the bride’s dress on a classic dress form at a client’s wedding, along with accompanying photos on a nearby table.  This had guests favorably talking!
Don’t forget to order your wedding dress quilt, bear or christening gown this month with code WEDDINGS to get 20% off. For more great tips from Lisa check out her blog here.

Wedding Dress Quilts

One of the most important purchases you make is your wedding dress, and after all the time you spend searching for the perfect dress after the big day you don’t know what to do with your dress…


You can trash the dress for a photo session with your wedding photographer, you can put it in the back of the closet for your daughter to wear, or you can have it made into a quilt


We love making wedding dress quilts, not only can we incorporate some of your favorite dress elements into the quilt we can also add a splash of color with the grooms tie or bridesmaids dresses. Some other great ideas for the quilts include sending along a piece of fabric with the wedding picture printed on it or sending along your mother and/or grandmother’s wedding dresses as well. 


Here are some of our favorite wedding quilts (Remember now thru 9/30/13 get 30% off all quilts with code QUILT): 






















Wedding Quilts

Just finished up a couple of wedding quilts and wanted to share them with you, I think they turned out great! These are one of my favorite pieces because they are full of so much joy and love. Here are some images of the quilts I just finished up:

quilt wedding embroiderquilt wedding green  bodice

quilt wedding lavender

I love how each quilt is unique and really shows the personality of the bride who created it.





Each quilt really is unique, if this is something you are thinking about here is a little more information on the whole process.

1. Fill out form online

2. Send in your dress with any design requests or ideas

3. I create a design sketch and send to you to make any changes

4. After we finalize a design it takes about 6-8 weeks for you to receive your finished product!

What did you do with your wedding dress after the big day?

Spring cleaning and recycling: Make a quilt from your clothes

quilt made from your clothes

quilt made from your clothes

A new twist on RECYCLING: Make a quilt  from your favorite clothes!

We all have those favorite outfits our kids wore saved in a closet somewhere. Where? Why not transform them into a keepsake quilt by The Patchwork Bear? One of my previous posts featured the baby clothes bear (the one with Chris Noth) and many inquired about having a quilt made. Of course we do that too!

Your favorite articles of clothing will be pieced into 4-inch blocks to create an instant heirloom. The keepsake clothes quilt starts at $150 for a 30×30-inch quilt and can be made as large as 48×57 inches. Each is unique and special and we encourage your design ideas to create a truly original keepsake patchwork bear and quilt. Completely customizable and personalization available too.

A great idea not just for baby clothes. Use favorite t-shirts, uniforms, wedding dress and my sentinental favorite: a Memory Bear– made from a loved one’s clothing who has has passed away. We made several of these for the holidays for grandkids using grandparents clothes, for spouses, for children. More on this later…

So go clean out your closets and drawers and place an order today for a  Memory Bear, keepsake quilt or baby clothes bear by The Patchwork Bear.